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Scene in Ohio

The historic theatre took two years to build, opening in 1918 to packed crowds. Construction was financed by Wilmington native and Chicago Cubs owner Charles Webb Murphy, who spared no expense to create the icon and put his hometown on the map.


Destination Overview

Charles Webb Murphy, who owned the Chicago Cubs during 1906-1914, built this landmark in downtown Wilmington’s historic district. A monument to Murphy, this theatre boasts 750 seats. Its grand, old-fashioned marquee still shines its lights over the center of town, welcoming travelers and the homeward bound.


Murphy Theatre

The theatre offers an range of shows from musical performances of many genres, to well known stand-up comedy routines and tickets are available in floor, box, and balcony seating. It is an experience for any age The Murphy’s grand, old fashioned marquee still shines its’ lights over the center of town.